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Experience as Lecturer

  • Political Economy of Corruption, UChicago (Autumn 2015, Undergraduate Level). Syllabus available at: bpsyllabus

Teaching Assistant Experience

  • Linear Models, UChicago (Prof. Mark Hansen, Spring 2015, Graduate Level)
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics, UChicago (Prof. Monika Nalepa, Winter 2015, Undergraduate Level)
  • The Practice of Social Science Research, UChicago (Dr. Amir S. Fairdosi, Autumn 2014, Undergraduate Level)
  • Math for Social Sciences (Math Camp), UChicago (Prof. Mark Hansen, Autumn 2014, Graduate Level)
  • Politics & Public Policy In China, UChicago (Prof. Dali Yang, Winter 2013, Undergraduate Level)
  • Politics of Wealth Redistribution, UChicago (Prof. Mike Albertus, Autumn 2013, Undergraduate Level)
  • Power and the State, The University of Nottingham (Prof. Steve Fielding, Autumn 2010, Undergraduate Level)

Courses that I am qualified to teach

  • Comparative Politics (Corruption, Political economy of Development, Non-democratic regimes)
  • Statistics for Social Scientists (Linear Models and Maximum Likelihood)
  • GIS, Cartography and Spatial Data Science
    – Syllabus available at: popescu-gis-syllabus
  • Research Design in Social Sciences
  • Qualitative Methods for Political Science



Teaching reviews available upon request.

Online Learning

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